Friday, November 1, 2013

Welcome to My Portable Library, where I will share ebook reviews. I will always include a starred rating and content detail (clean, steamy, etc).

My star rating system is as follows (and I reserve the right to add halves, quarters, etc. After all, this is my blog :) )

1 star- I probably didn't even finish this book (which really takes a lot for me)
2 star- I read it all the way through but really didn't care for it
3 star- I read it, liked it alright, but wouldn't likely read it again
4 star- This is a really good book, I enjoyed it, would read it again, and recommend it to my friends.
5 star- I WILL read this book again, probably multiple times. I honestly LOVE it.

So there you go. If I happen to get a freebie copy of an ebook, I will let you know at the bottom of my review. If you decide that you want to purchase a copy of an ebook that I review, I would love it if you would buy it through my link to Amazon. This will help to fund my ebook obsession, and thereby provide you with more reviews, it's a win-win situation here :)

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