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Love on Main Street: A Snow Creek Christmas

Love on Main Street: A Snow Creek Christmas
by Juliette Blackwell, Rachael Herron, Lisa Hughey, Ruby Laska, Cecilia Gray, Adrienne Belle and L.G.C. Smith
Length: 410 pages
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ISBN: 9781940785028
Pub Date: Oct 16, 2013
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Synopsis (from NetGalley)
  Where love begins on Main Street and ends happily ever after....

Christmas, the most magical season, is almost upon the small mountain town of Snow Creek. For seven couples, holiday wishes mean more than just gifts or parties. Can Snow Creek pull off its annual holiday miracle of bringing love to town?

Seven original romances from sweet to sinfully sexy by New York Times and bestselling authors as well as promising new talent.

Serafina Rogers is not an impulsive person, but lately something’s gotten into her. She walked away from warm San Diego, her scumbag ex-fiance, and her teaching job in order to come to Snow Creek and take over her deceased aunt’s witchy supply store. Unfortunately, her hunky cowboy landlord, Joe, has other plans for the space, which hasn’t turned a profit in years. Neither Joe nor Serafina believe in magic, much less romance. But when a Yule log is tossed on the fire, Serafina begins seeing things in her aunt’s deck of cards, and Joe’s niece goes missing…they might just have to change their minds.

Christy Monroe hates Christmas. The excess, the inevitable disappointments--bah. Dan Rose loves Christmas. The fun, the way his bakery smells—it’s all a little magical, especially in Snow Creek. When their first-grade daughters decide they want to be sisters, Christy and Dan had better watch out. The girls maneuver their parents into organizing the elementary school holiday show together. It doesn’t take long for Dan to make it his goal to change Christy’s mind about Christmas—and taking a chance again on love.

After losing her parents, Jessica can't bear to lose her childhood home and family bookstore, too. When they're taken from her, she has nowhere to go…except the arms of Daniel, Snow Creek's resident hero paramedic. It's not be the Christmas miracle Jessica wanted, but it might the one she needs….

There’s no doubt in Eileen Ledger’s mind that the last time she saw hockey superstar Paul McAlester she made the biggest mistake of her life. Only, she’s never been sure if the mistake was in kissing him, or in running away. But ten years later, Paul is back in town for Christmas, and Eileen has a second chance to make things right…as long as she can keep herself from falling in love again.

Knitting has always served as a distraction, something that Clara can hide behind. After a significant weight loss, though, she's still not sure if she wants to be noticed. When sexy Lincoln ends up on the front porch of her yarn store, he seems to seeeverything clear as day. Will Clara finally be seen for her true self?

Caroline Bonny has always known about her family curse: no Bonny daughter will ever marry until her great-great-great-grandfather's buried treasure is found. Caroline has made her peace with her life as a spinster-turned-cosmetologist, until easy-on-the-eyes schoolteacher Lance Carter comes to town determined to drown his recent breakup in holiday festivities.

Nick and Ally Carpenter split up months ago after years of infertility treatments crushed their marriage and their dreams of children. When the couple reunites for the holidays to make a dying woman happy, can an unexpected miracle show them the way back to love or is it too late?

My thoughts

This was a pretty fun anthology. The stories blended together quite well, even though they were written by different authors. There was a bit of confusion for me with the bakery (all of the other authors called it Rosie's, but in the one story it is run by the main male lead) but other than that, the story lines were well co-ordinated to go together. The small town of Snow Creek is cute and cozied up in the Sierra Nevada mountains (an area that I am quite familiar with, having grown up at the base of these mountains).

While I read romances, I really prefer my romance novels to leave the bedroom activity behind closed doors, and all but the last story did so. I had hoped that it would be this way all the way through the anthology, and was a bit disappointed that it didn't continue. I enjoyed the storyline of One Silent Night, but wish the author had left out the descriptive scene. It would have fit better with the rest of the tone of the anthology (it really felt like a sweet romance book until then).

Aside from my above preference, I really enjoyed the feel of this anthology. Having multiple authors write novellas that encompass one town with characters that cross over from one story to the next really showcased the abilities of the authors selected. Each did well and it was fun to encounter the town from a slightly different perspective each time.

My Rating: 4 stars

Content: For Adults. Very mild language. Sexual content, fairly descriptive in the last of the stories.

I was able to read this ebook for free from NetGalley. This does not have an effect on my opinion.

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