Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Book Trek

I know that I have disappeared as of late, but I saw this great challenge and decided to hop onboard. If you are reading, check it out for yourself. You simply read great fiction written by LDS authors (you don't have to be LDS to enter, just read books by authors who are :) ) in the month of July, then follow the directions found here to enter to win book prizes.

The new books that I plan to read in July are (list may be added to as the month progresses):

Mansfield Ranch (The Jane Austen Diaries)
What is Hidden
The Complete Aliso Creek Series
Old West Collection (A Timeless Romance Anthology)

I also plan to revisit books I have read in the past (maybe other as well):

Goose Girl
THe 4th of July
Kissing Cousins