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Hearts in Peril: Destination Billionaire Romance by Kaylee Baldwin

Hearts in Peril: Destination Billionaire Romance
by Kaylee Baldwin
Length: 180 pages
ASIN: B06Y18547C
Pub Date: April 2, 2017
by Gelato Publishing LLC
Current ebook price: $2.99
Source: Kindle Unlimited

Synopsis (from Goodreads): The last person Dr. Riley Rogers wants to meet is her absentee boss, Mr. Bachelor of the Year Dean Matthias. If his notorious reputation is close to true, his visit will only disrupt the peace she’s found caring for people at the humanitarian clinic. With every word, Dean confirms that his head is as big as his billboard. It will take all the manners of her Midwestern upbringing to play nice to the man who controls her contract.

After losing nearly everything to his backstabbing ex-fiance, Dean needs the Worldwide Care project to be a success to prove to the Matthias Foundation that he's not the irresponsible mess the media portrays him as. But from the moment the beautiful, headstrong Riley Rogers appears in his life, nothing goes as planned.

When Dean’s presence, and the lure of his wealth, draws out a local terrorist group, Dean and Riley are forced to flee into the wild Filipino jungle. Sparks of attraction fly between them, but if they don’t learn to trust each other—and themselves—they’ll never survive long enough to know if it’s love.

My Thoughts:

This is one of those books I like to call a great date night book. It has something for just about everyone. Action, romance, and a little comedy (although not much, just an episode where Dean takes some've seen someone on painkillers, I'll let your imagination paint the picture for you.)

This Destination Billionaire Romance did feel a little heavier than some of the other books in this series (the characters do not always intersect in this series, it is just a group of authors that release at least one book a month with the same theme: a romance involving a rich young man in an exotic locale). Our hero is shot early on in the story and has to try to escape through the jungles of the Philippines, in an attempt to escape terrorists who are after his family's money.

The romance begins in the classic guy meets girl, guy acts like a jerk, girl hates guy, but then along the way things change. Forced to rely on one another, they both come to see that there is more than meets the eye about the other, and sparks begin to fly (helped a little at times by the aforementioned painkillers).

This ebook will take you for a romantic adventure through the Philippines, one where you are not sure how Dean and Riley are going to make it out alive.

A great, weekend read.

Rating: 4 stars

Content: Some violence (there are terrorists), no profanity or sexual content

*I borrowed this book as a part of my Kindle Unlimited Subscription, opinions are my own

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