Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Inn the Doghouse by Heather Horrocks

Inn the Doghouse (Who-Dun-Him Inn Cozy Mystery #2)
by Heather Horrocks
length: 242 pages
file size: 544 KB
Pub Date: November 30, 2013
by Word Garden Press
current ebook price: $3.99
source: purchased

Synopsis (from Goodreads)

When single mom and mystery buff Vicki Butler pays a visit to her husband’s grave, she stumbles across the body of her twin sister Liz’s estranged husband—the same brother-in-law she argued with just yesterday.

Since Vicki is caught standing next to the body and her sister stands to inherit millions in her dead husband’s will, the twins suddenly find themselves “persons of interest.”

Will they identify the real murderer in time to avoid the slammer? Or are they about to learn firsthand just how many innocent people one doghouse can hold?

My Thoughts
This is a fun cozy mystery. It is the second in a series and I definitely recommend reading the first book (Snowed Inn which is available for only $.99 right now!) before starting this book. You would miss quite a bit of background information that plays into this story. Having said that, I do believe you could jump in here in book #2 and still catch yourself up as you read, it would simply make more sense quickly if you were already familiar with the characters.

There is a hint of romance mixed in (which always makes a cozy mystery better, in my opinion), which helps drive the story forward in places. There are additional side stories scattered throughout the book that will easily carry into additional books, so I definitely want to read the next in the series.

The characters are likeable (except those who aren't supposed to be) and have great quirks (I love a quirky character!). I especially love Liz and Vicky's grandmother. In the opening scene she is causing a disturbance at an anniversary party by loudly demonstrating her Karate skills (and that is just the beginning, this unique lady has her part to play in solving the whodunnit).

I highly recommend this and Heather's other fantastic ebooks. You can find them on her Amazon Page or read more on her website.

Content: Clean

Rating: 4 stars

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